I’m more direct than I used to be. Life’s too short to suffer half-truths and inefficiencies. Be honest. Be open. It’s magic.

Sanity tips from Liz Danzico, creative director at NPR (among an impressive roster of other things) – a fine addition to our ongoing archive of sage advice.

And lest we forget, the key to staying sane is also about being honest with ourselves

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yep. magic.




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i’ll stay here and hold you
i’ll stay here and i’ll hold you till morning
i’ll hold you

// laura mvula - can’t live with the world

hey there you, shattered in a thousand pieces
weeping in the darkest nights
hey there you, try to stand up on your own two feet
and stumble through the sky

when the lights go out and you’re on your own
how you’re gonna make it through till the morning sun

sing to the moon and the stars will shine
over you, lead you to the other side
sing to the moon and the stars will shine
over you, heaven’s gonna turn the tide

// laura mvula - sing to the moon

for all the heavy hearts lately…